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Who We Are

We believe in the “MD Way”. The “MD Way” is preparing the best we possibly can, which will allow us to perform at our highest level. By doing this, we will be granted the ability to accept the results of our hard work. And we do it all with humility and great character. That is the “MD Way”.

The Major Decision practice environment is unique and widely considered one of the best in the area. Our safe practice facilities coupled with our well accomplished and skilled coaches are key to making the MDWC a safe environment for wrestlers of all ages. MDWC offers a competitive competition schedule along with a competitive practice room. Our practices are well attended, well organized and highly successful according to the accomplishment and testimonials of our current members and our great alumni. Each practice is designed to increase the skills of our wrestlers daily and to prepare our wrestlers for victory in competition and in life.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to lead our wrestlers to conduct themselves in excellence in both preparation and performance, for our coaches to be effective in positive mentoring of young people, and to be living examples of good character and success.

MDW wrestling match

Goals & Values Affect Positive Change

Always set the example. Be respectful to parents and coaches. Respect all and fear none. Always compete to the best of your ability.

Fees for the 2019 season are as follows:


This price does not include tournaments.

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