Major Decicion Wrestling Results

High School
Stephen Doty 6th171
Wesley Bell 6th HWT
Tyler Boyer 6th 145
Zach Hayes 4th 215
Darren Manning 2nd 171
Stephen Doty 3rd 171
Darren Manning 2nd 171
High School
Steven Doty 1st 171
Wesley Bell 2nd HWT
Julian Smith 2nd 215
Darren Manning 6th 171
Freestyle Jr
Stephen Doty 171 1st
Kyle Gerringer 98 1st
Austin Adderley 119 2nd
Dushawn Frazier 152 4th
Julian Smith 215 3rd

Stephan Wade 84 4th
David Evans 135 3rd
Sam Hanua 112 2nd
Cain Salas 112 2nd( IL)
Oshea Traylor 152 (IL)
Greco Jr.
Wille Essex 125 4th
Jimmie Cowan 152 2nd
Stephen Doty 171 1st
Kyle Gerringer 98 1st

Zach Cusumano 98 3rd
Sam Hanua 112 1st
David Evans 135 3rd
Darius Lewis HWT 1st
Cain Salas 112 1st (IL)
Oshea Traylor 152 (IL)
Oshea Traylor 152 Freestyle Cadet 8th
High School
Andrew Waites HWT 1st
Julian Smith 3rd 215
David Evans 3rd 130
Wille Essex 4th 125
Sam Hanau 4th 119
Dushawn Frazier 5th 152
Meldrick Woods 160 3rd
School Boy
Anthony Nichols 4th 105

David Evans 1st 135
Darius Lewis 1st hwt
Delvin Hudson 3rd 145
Darrell Pamkin 3rd 152
Chris Carter 4th 189
Austin Adderley 2nd 125
Demarcus Gurrley 3rd 112
Julian Smith 3rd 215
Cain Salas 2nd 119
David Evans 4th 130
Oshea Smith-Traylor 5th 145
Cain Salas - 2011 All Americans

High School
Cain Salas 1st
Patrick Whitener 2nd
Almondo Conners 2nd
Skylar Weber 3rd
Eric Bowman 4th
Austin Adderley 5th
Dushawn Frasier 5th
Darrell Pampkin 6th



Demarcus Gurlly 4th
A.J. Carter 4th


Cain Salas 2nd


Xenepher Austin NCWA 5th

2012 Wrestling Results  2012 Wrestling Results
High School
Eric Bowman 1st
Skylar Weber 2nd
John williams 2nd
Wardell Morgan 4th
Darrell Pampkin 4th
Akintunde Odunlye 6th
Gordon Phillips 6th
Randell Young 1st
Eric Bowman 2nd
Josh Wheeler 3rd
Greco Roman
Josh Wheeler 2nd
Randell Young 3rd
Gary Duval 4th
Torrence Mitchell 4th

Oshea Smith-Traylor NJCAA 5th

2013 Wrestling Championship Results, Major Decision Wrestling

High School
Michael Pixley 1st
Cain Salas 2nd
John Williams 2nd
Trevon Butler 3rd
Tyron Welch 4th
Jeff Brock 4th
Lance Bush 4th
Lamar Welch 5th
Josh Wheeler 5th
Randell Young 6th
Khial Jamison 6th
Di'ontay Hatch 6th
Freestyle State
Quelton Toliver 2nd
Tahjae Jenkins Harris 3rd
Antonio Jenkins Harris 3rd
Travion Butler 3rd
Joshua Glass 4th
Cameron Dunn 4th
Julian Smith
McKendree University, NCWA 1st
2014 State Placers
Tyrone Welch 2nd
Travon Butler 2nd
John Williams 3rd
Kamerun Williams 5th
Michael Aldrich 5th
Joseph Cunningham 5th
Jaylen Gamillia 6th
Darion Young 6th
Raamish Saeed 6th
Freestyle State
Efe Osaghae 1st
Teron Woodson 3rd
Julian Smith 2nd NCAA DII
O'shea Smith-Traylor 5th NJCAA
Darrell Pampkin 7th NJCAA
2015 Wrestling Results
2015 Wrestling Results
USA Nationals Cedar Falls, Iowa
High School
Michael Aldrich of Parkway South - 1st
John Broughton of MICDS - 3rd
Efe Osagae of McCluer North - 4th
Norman Conley of Chaminade - 4th
Quelton Tolliver of McCluer North - 4th
Lawrence Woods of McCluer South-Berkeley - 5th
1st Place - Efe Osaghae
2nd Place - Jallele Jenkins Harris
3rd Place - Antonio Jenkins Harris
3rd Place - Buddy Conley
3rd Place - Michael Aldrich
3rd Place - Efe Osaghae
4th Place - Solomon Jackson
All Americans

Julian Smith McKendree University - 3rd NCAA DII

High School
Kelton Toliver - 5th USA Nationals
Michael Aldrich - 7th USA Nationals
Buddy Conely - 8th USA Nationals
Joey Glass - 6th Ohio Tournament of Champions
Jalil Jenkins-Harris - 8th Ohio Tournament of Champions